We at Holy Mission want to help you experience a solid and close relationship with Christ. Through our various ministries, prayer, and educational classes, we provide the foundation that will encourage and empower you in becoming the woman or man God intended for you.

  • Get connected by serving in one of Holy Mission’s ministries is the easiest way to join our community and grow in your relationship with Christ! Your unique talents, gifts, and passions are tools for Christ to do His Work! By volunteering, you will experience an amazing synergy that can only come from a group of people coming together for a single purpose.  


  • We value children here at Holy Mission Church and we strive for your children to have an amazing experience! Our Children’s Church is a place for your child to hear about God’s love through a high-energy worship experience designed just for them!  


  • Here at Holy Mission, we believe no one should do life alone. Relationships of all kinds matter, the most important one being with God. From college students to single adults to our married folks, we offer prayer and scripture-led guidance to inspire, enhance and improve those sacred connections.